All about the Kenko Ashitaba tea tree

This is why the Kenko Ashitaba tree can be affectionately branded as the tea tree alongside the famous cherry blossom trees of Japan. This is where the Kenko Ashitaba tree originates, although today, it is being grown in different parts of the world. This depends significantly on a region’s climate and humidity factors. You can learn more about this from specialized suppliers and advocates of the Kenko Ashitaba tea tree such as

Still today, the Kenko Ashitaba is grown across the pristine islands of southern Japan. This is why the Kenko Ashitaba can be known as the tea tree. Once the tree is in full bloom, usually in the late summer or autumn, depending on the region’s climate, and is ripe for harvesting, its leaves are picked and used to produce fine green tea. Still to this day, traditional methods are being utilized. This is in honor of the ancient plant and all its healing properties.

After harvesting is completed, low heat processing techniques are used to preserve the integrity of the fresh leaves and retaining all of its healing properties. Online consumers of this easy to reach product have a choice between raw tea leaves and powdered tea. This latter option is popular among healthy eating enthusiasts because it is perfect for stirring into a flavorful smoothie drink.  It is a well known fact that the growing of the Kenko Ashitaba tree and the harvesting of its tea leaves is an organic and sustainable practice.

Originally, the manufacturers and suppliers of Kenko Ashitaba green tea worked hand in hand with local farmers in southern Japan to bring this life sustaining product to the rest of the world. Today, it is also possible for organic gardening enthusiasts to grow their own tea trees. They can find out how this can be done by following this up with the above given resource site. They can also give themselves a more extensive overview of all the health benefits that Ashitaba tea brings them.

The consumption of such tea is also a sustainable practice because only one half of a teaspoon is required daily to derive the full health benefits that Ashitaba tea brings. As a basic remedy only one cup of boiled water is required. Apart from adding the powdered form to smoothies, it can also be added to fruit juices of choice. The tea is rich in antioxidants and contains vitamin B12. Testing has revealed that Ashitaba tea’s antioxidant content is far more potent than traditional green tea varieties already commonly in use among healthy life exponents.

Those who appreciate multiculturalism will also appreciate the tea’s aesthetic benefits. Like sipping on a Wasabi, they can do as the Japanese do. They can enjoy a flavorful sushi roll, rich in essential fatty acids while they sip on their new green tea. Give it time to fully appreciate how well it makes your skin glow and makes you feel all good inside.